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Top 5 Free HTML5 Video Players

Published on April 22, 2013

In my previous post  Simple HTML5 Custom Video Player Using jQuery i have explained how to create your own html5 player. Go back to that  post to get basic understand of how HTML5 Media element work. One thing i missed in that is flash callback. There are some really cool HTML5 players available with cross browser support and flash callback for non HTML5 browsers. Here I am listing top 5 html5 video player with flash call back support. Good thing about these are free and open source. Top 5 Free HTML5 Video Players


Top 5 Free HTML5 Video Players I became a big fan of this after seeing documentation. It very well documented. It has a very good features and it is totally free even for commercial use. Some of this player features. 1)Free for commercial use. 2)Well documented. 3)Flash and Silverlight support for old browsers. 4)Can be integrated in any CMS very easily. 5)Only 140Kb js file size. 6)You only need css knowledge for customizing player event flash player take the same CSS so that player will give same look and fee across all browsers.



Top 5 Free HTML5 Video Players This another great html5 player. It has some additional features than mediaelement.js. 1)Can use same CSS skin for both html and flash player. 2)Different CSS skins are available. 3)CDN support so you don’t need to download and install. 4)Consistent Playback API for all browsers. 5)The call back flash player is just 10 kb 6)Responsive.



Top 5 Free HTML5 Video Players Sublime video has tremendous set of powerful features. But only thing diappoint me is there logo on player. If we want to remove that logo we need to pay a small amount. Lets see some features. 1)YouTube integration facility. 2)HD switching facility. 3)sleek Responsive design. 4)Keyboard control with JavaScript API 5)Fast CDN support along with SSL serving.


4)Kaltura HTML5 Media

Top 5 Free HTML5 Video Players Kaltura is one of the most famous html5 media player. It is event used my Wikipedia. This player will give professional look to your website. 1)Kaltura is MIT Licensed free video,audio player. 2)Multi-Platform Support. 3)Robust Performance with help of dynamic packing. 4)Integrated with all the major Ad networks and Analytic providers. 5)Huge collection of templates support.



Top 5 Free HTML5 Video Players Flare video player is known for its simplicity. completely free. Some features are. 1)HTML5 video player with Flash fallback facility. 2)Easy customization and skinning. 3)Full screen support. 4)Completely open source and free for commercial use. 5)Currently comes with 3 different styles you can create your own style.