cssnext: future of css

30 January, 2019. 2 min read

Variables Color Adjustments Mixins Nesting Media queries image set Pseudo class Reference https…

Golang Beginner

10 January, 2019. 2 min read

Example Variables & Constants Structs Array & Slice Pointers Function packages Simple http Server

Angular v6: What is Coming

16 March, 2018. 3 min read

Angular 6 is on its way. After Angular 4 Angular 6 gonna be a Long-Term Supported (LTS) Version. The Angular 5.0 upgrade itself is all about…

How & why I migrated from Ghost to Hexo

13 March, 2018. 5 min read

History When I heard of Ghost(A blogging platform build with Nodejs) for the first time. I have really got excited and started playing with…

Dynamic Form Builder using Angular 5 and Bootstrap 4 (Reactive Forms)

11 March, 2018. 8 min read

A while back I wrote a post on how to build dynamic form using Angular 2. In that post, we have implemented it by using Angular Template…

How to convert HTML to PDF Using JavaScript - Multipage

12 May, 2017. 5 min read

A few months back I wrote an article on how to convert html to pdf using javascript. But there are few limitations with that code…

Rollup bundler for angular2 projects

03 January, 2017. 5 min read

We have a few tools available to bundle our source code. Browserify and Webpack among them, I'm sure you must have heard about it if you are…

Speech to text using javascript

25 November, 2016. 2 min read

Speech recognizing software everywhere nowadays. From Google's latest Assistance to Apple's Siri, Amazon's Echo and so many out there…