Make Your Blog Ready For Christmas Using ShowStrome.js

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December 17, 2012. 2 min read

Christmas, It it a biggest festival for people around the world. Most of the people do something new for the Christmas. Thought I am not Christian but as an Indian I do respect all religious people and want to be part of there festivals. I always want to be part of the happiness. I have very good Christian friends I used go with them to there place and celebrate the festival with them.


So, Blogger its time to do some thing new for you blog. I am interesting this little JavaScript Which will give your blog a amazing snow fall effect. Its a very tiny and easy to use plugin. The original script is developed by // It is a opensource one. So you can use it as you like. But please give the credit to the author. How to add it to Blogger 1)Go to you blogger accounts Dashbord. 2)Layout>Add a Gadget 3)Select HTML/Javascript Gadget 4)Copy the below code and past it in that widget and don’t give any name”.

<script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>

Customizing Options

<script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>
snowStorm.snowColor = '#99ccff'; // set snow color
snowStorm.flakesMax = 128; //set max number of snow flakes

There are so many options available for customizing the effects. For more options have a look at the above demo link. Hope you like it.