Create Online Stores Using Magento(Install guide)

Day by Day E-Commerce sites getting popular in India. Magento is one of the best Free E-Commerce solution. Magento based on php technology. Magento come in 3 editions Community,Enterprise and pro. Among these Community edition is free and open source. You can use it as you like. In this tutorial I will explain you how to install Magento Community edition on localhost. You can check official magento demo site from below link.
Create Online Stores Using Magento(Install guide)


Required tools You first need to download the following tools.
XAMPP Create Online Stores Using Magento(Install guide)-1Download above two files.Usually i prefer tar.bz2 because they are very less in size and also you can extract it with winrar. I am doing all this process on windows7.
Installing XAMPP Its easy just run the file you have downloaded earlier. Select the drive where you want to install.
Change Config in php.ini For Magento you need to do change some config changes to your XAMPP.
Go to xampp>php and open php.ini.
Search for maxexecutiontime. By default its value is 60, Change it to 200 so that maxexecutiontime = 200.
If you don't do it will throw an exception in installation process.
Search for;extension=phpcurl.dll_ and uncomment it my removeing ; from that line.
otherwise while installing you will get the error
Create Online Stores Using Magento(Install guide)-curl error Now restart your apache server. Your phpinfo must be
Create Online Stores Using Magento(Install guide) Magento Installation Run your Apache and mysql servers form XAMPP control panel.
Goto http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ create new database say magento we will use it later.
Now extract the previouly downloaded magento- version) using winrar to XAMPP>htdocs.
Go to http://localhost/magento/
just follow the screen shots below.
Create Online Stores Using Magento(Install guide)Accepting agreement. Create Online Stores Using Magento(Install guide)Select your timezone,locale and currency(ie.Indian Rupee if India) Create Online Stores Using Magento(Install guide)Enter your Database details. Previosusly we have created a database that should be entered here. Create Online Stores Using Magento(Install guide)Here you need to enter admin details. You need to select Encryption key. If you leave it blank it will create random key for you. Installing sample data You can install sample data from the so that you can see how it look with data. Extract the sample data magento-sample-data- which you have download earler .In the extracted folder you have magento-sample-data- and media folder.
Copy the media folder into meganto install root folder.
Now open the megento-sample-data- in a notpad and copy the complete sql script. Go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin/index.php?db=magento change the magento value here with your db name.
click on sql tab and past the sql script there and click on GO. Thats it you successfully installed magento in your localhost.
To go to the front end just go http://localhost/magento/
For admin got http://localhost/magento/admin/
Front End screen * Create Online Stores Using Magento(Install guide)-frontendAdmin screen*

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